Yvonne y Fuego


Yvonne y Fuego are a Tejano band based out of the Midwest with a very diverse sound. Their strong backgrounds in rhythm and blues, jazz, rock n' roll and even metal, add a unique spin on Tejano music thus creating the Yvonne y Fuego sound. Yvonne y Fuego earned the 2015 Tejano Music Award Best New Artist - Group nomination. 

Yvonne Ramos


Yvonne Ramos of Yvonne y Fuego successfully captured the 2015 Tejano Music Award for Best New Artist - Female. Yvonne Ramos, a native of Toledo, Ohio began singing at a young age. joining her father's Tejano band (Ruben Ramos y La Familia) by sharing the stage with him as a vocalist. Approached by a musician to join a band for a night as a vocalist, Yvonne agreed. The extremely successful response led the band to ask her to join them for a few more shows and eventually she joined the band as their full time vocalist. Upon receiving the Tejano Music Award, Yvonne's popularity has increased tremendously and has gained both national and international attention. In 2016 Yvonne was nominated for the Tejano Cyber Awards Artist of the Year, Best Female Trailblazer, and Newcomer of the Year along with the following TTMA nominations - Female Vocalist of the Year, Song of the Year "Quiero Entregarme a Ti", and Entertainer of the Year.